• August 22, 2021

Free Online Classifieds Websites Helping People Generate Business for No Cost

Free online classifieds offer great opportunity for discerning business to advertise their products and service for absolutely no costs whatsoever. Online classifieds websites are many หวยออนไลน์ in number and most of them want you to pay a fee for placing an ad. The people reading your classifieds ad don’t care if you have paid for placing the ad or not. People read classified ads because they are already searching for particular product or service in their area. If the readers can quickly identify that you have the product they are looking for, that is it. You are closer to a sale.

There are quite a few websites out there claiming to be absolutely free classifieds websites, but require you to provide with your credit card number. Why should you give away your credit card number to a service that is absolutely free? Brain twister here! Don’t trust the ones that tells their service is free and require such information like credit card number from you. In most cases, the free online classified ads may not be ‘free of cost’ as it should be.

Even with free classifieds websites, you are spending your time. Time is money. You should test whether the website has a lot of traffic. The one specific measurement you can look for is the number of ads posted in that free online classified ads website in the last month, last week and day. A well populated free classified ads website has at least 1000 ads posted in two-three days. If there are not that many ads, you can be sure there are not much people visiting the site.

If you are looking to build a business out of free classified ads, all you have to do is identify a handful of free classifieds ads websites that are well trafficked. Test your ad to find which classifieds ad websites send you most of the customers. If you are allowed to link to your website directly from the free classifieds ad site, you can place a link to a specific page of the website that can be accessed from that free classifieds ad page only. By checking the number of sales you make from that page, you can measure the success rate of your free classified ad.

There are however free classifieds ads websites that doesn’t allow linking to your website. In such case, you can provide a unique Toll free number to call, a unique email id to email you or a unique PO Box number to snail-mail you. This way you can identify the free classifieds ad sites that are actually sending you customers.

However, with increase in popularity of free classifieds websites, it is easy to get away too much with the idea of posting hundreds of ads for the same product in the same classifieds ads website. Good websites will strip away such repeated submissions.

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